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River Center - Davenport, IA - Sun, May 26, 2013
Posted 05/30/2013 by Jarred:

My dad and I went to this concert since I am a big Chief Keef fan and he is quite fond of Lil Reese. We were front row and everything, very excited. We payed $215 for each tickets. Lil Reese was suppose to be one of the openers but he didn’t even show up, my dad got really upset and almost made me leave early. Anyway the other acts were Fredo Santana, SD, and Gino Marley. They were okay I guess but at the end of their set I tried giving Fredo dap and he just stared at me, it was kinda scary. 

Anyways, Chief Keef finally comes out (after 45 minutes of waiting). He performed a few tracks and then when he started doing Don’t Like me and my dad were singing along, these black people next to us heard us yelling the N word and they grabbed my dad, my dad was in tears while one guy strangled him and the other took off his shoe. I started screaming for help and they jumped both of us. Chief Keef didn’t even help. And then security don’t only escort the black guys, but they ESCORTED US TOO. We got kicked out of the concert, just for having a good time and practising the right to freedom of speech that we have been promised by our FOUNDING FATHERS! What is it freedom of speech for everyone except white people? Chief Keef’s concerts are racist, uncivilized gatherings of baboons. I always hear white people talk about how bad hip hop culture is and now I finally understand, I stop listening to this neanderthal tunes now. I only listen to real hip hop like Hopsin, Tech N9ne, Immortal Technique, and Eminem now. 

LMFAO shakin my fuckin head at these white breads.

Of course you gon get stuck for screamin nigga at a Cheif Keef concert

Pale ass callin us baboons but you call yo self a fan.

Sit yo snow white ass down and go to a Taylor Swift concert.

Hopsin, Tech N9ne, Immortal Technique, and Eminem are not trap artists.

I swear to god lemme catch yo ass in the street.

"Cheif Keef didn’t even help"

So he supposed to stop the concert because some white people decided to claim nigga and got beat for it ?

Hahahahaha fuck you



omg this just brought tears of joy to my eyes. i hope you and your pops get jumped again. 

I actually feel kinda bad for them lol

they was just tryna turn up and got fucked up

Chief tickets $200???


Hopsin is real Hip hop now? Is that what’s hot in the streets?

You went to a Chief Keef concert with your dad? Your Dad?

You paid over $200 for tickets to see Chief Keef do a couple songs? 

You though you were just gonna say nigga around black people and they’d be okay with it?

You expected Chief Keef to stop what he was doing to help you?

You’ve never been to a concert where there was a fight? Everyone involved gets kicked out. It doesn’t matter who started it.

This is funny, though. You think out of all the people in America, it white people who are denied freedom of speech?

I hope you feel better though. I don’t know what you expected a Chief Keef concert to be like but whatever.

200 dollars for Chief Keef? you deserved to get you ass kicked


I think this is my favorite picture.

love this beyond words

Wow..this is actually a really good picture.
I mean think about it..
After high school, everyone tells you “college is necessary.” You are expected to go to college as soon as you graduate, to have a good career and be something in life. When in reality we’re going to die anyways. So go to college or not it’s not like you’ll live forever.

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